Video release: Now hear ensemble on “I care if you listen”

I am thrilled to share this video released by I Care if You Listen of Now Hear Ensemble’s performance of Florent Ghys’s “4 Bucolic Machines”. Commissioned in 2016, 4 Bucolic Machines incorporates the sights and sounds of Avaloch Farm Music Institute.


Check out the full article on I Care If You Listen here.

4 Bucolic Machines explores contrasting pairings of sight and sound through four movements. Each movement evolves from a simple divertimento to a rich sensory expression that eventually overloads the brain’s capacity to connect what is seen with what is heard. To introduce the individual members of Now Hear Ensemble, the first movement “Cabine” presents a dizzying series of video samples evocative of the trance of whirling dervishes in 360 degrees. The second, “Woods”, is similar to the memory game “concentration:” it establishes simple associations between audio textures and natural images, presenting them one by one, and then accelerates gradually. In the manner of a skipping CD, “Basse” acoustically expands upon an electronically manipulated video of an outdoor improvisation. Finally, the nocturne “Robots” gathers the instrumentalists in a sort of dark fractal clock reminiscent of video feedback effects of the 80s. Suggested pairing for this piece: pinot grigio and roasted vegetables on a late rainy afternoon.

Huge shoutout to Trevor Anderies for playing percussion on the final recording, and thanks to our recording engineers Anthony Paul Garcia, Federico Llach, and Connor Long, and to Felix Cristiani for editing, mixing, and mastering. Hope you enjoy!