Now Hear Ensemble Presents “Not for the Ears Alone”


Now Hear Ensemble will be presenting a four-part series of concerts in the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles titled “Not for the Ears Alone”. These concerts will be presented at CCRMA (Stanford University), at the Center for New Music in San Francisco, at the University of California – Santa Barbara, and at Art Share in Los Angeles.

The “Not for the Ears Alone” series features music that exploits the potential for creativity using both the stage space and the performers’ bodies. These works make powerful musical statements, yet they are best experienced with eyes wide open. For this show, we will make use of chalkboards, a boombox, animated videos, sandpaper, samplers, and toy guitars.

Basica presents us with a futurist tale showcasing an eSport music competition. Shlomowitz and Diels combine gestures and sounds in their sampler-inspired works. Llach and Goldberg depict life cycles by exploring contrasts in audio and visuals. Jacob TV and Nas delve into the connection between language and music by manipulating voice samples from life-sentenced prisoners and unveiling confessions that cool-headedly dissect and expose human morality.

The title of this concert series is a quote from Björn Heile, who used it to describe the music of Mauricio Kagel during the 1960’s—found in The Music of Mauricio Kagel. We find a connection between those works by Kagel, usually referred to as “instrumental theater”, and the spirit of the works we are including in this series.


Constantin Basica: Championship
flute, clarinet, viola, performer, commentator and video

Shlomowitz, Matthew: Letter Piece No. 8
3 performers

Jacob TV: Grab it!
electric guitar and boombox

Natacha Diels: second nightmare for KIKU
violin and two assistants

Federico Llach & Gaby Goldberg: This Time Around
viola, flute, video and electronics

Mayke Nas: I Delayed People’s Flights by Walking Slowly in Narrow Hallways
4 performers, blackboards and chalk + electronics


The Center for New Music: April 28th @ 7:30 pm, $15 general // $10 members
CCRMA: April 30th @ 7:30 pm, free admission
UC Santa Barbara Department of Music: May 19 @ 7:30 pm, free admission
Art Share Los Angeles: May 20 @ 8:00 pm, free admission