Now Hear Ensemble Presents “Round and Round”

Update (5/21/15): A review of this concert can be found here.

This Friday, May 15, Now Hear Ensemble will be presenting the first of two “Round and Round” concerts at UC Santa Barbara.

“Round and Round” puts music in motion with a collection of pieces utilizing the most basic form of transportation—the wheel—inspired by Santa Barbara’s favorite means of transportation: the bicycle. In conjunction with National Bike to Work Week, the Now Hear Ensemble will present Mauricio Kagel’s “Eine Brise” for 111 cyclists, plus two new works commissioned from Swedish composer Anders Lind and UC Berkeley alumni Dan VanHassel, both of which will make use of Lind’s “Wheel Quintet”—wheel instruments equipped with sensors that control electronic music parameters. VanHassel sums up the spirit of “Round and Round” when he says: “the wheels pose an elegant solution to the problem often found in live electronics—where it is often a mystery how the sound is being manipulated—by providing a clear visual representation of the electronic processes that are happening to the live instruments. This allows for a unique and varied interactivity between the live players, those controlling the processing, and the customized software that is actually processing the instruments, all of which is transparent and intuitively understood by the audience”.

The Wheel Quintet Image
The concert will also include Lind’s work “Voices of Santa Barbara”, which utilizes the Max Maestro (an animated notation system for choir/crowd of people), as well as some works from the ensemble’s “Made in California” album.

“Round and Round” will be presented this Friday at 7:30 at UC Santa Barbara’s Old Little Theater, and again (with slightly varied repertoire) on May 2oth at 7:30 at the Center for New Music in San Francisco.


Hope to see you there!