Now Hear Ensemble Presents “Once is Never”

Once is Never Promo

This Friday, April 3rd, Now Hear Ensemble will be presenting their concert “Once is Never” at 7:30 pm in Lotte Lehmann Concert Hall at the UC Santa Barbara Department of Music. This concert will focus on audio and video feedback as a creative tool. Repetition, recycling, and transformation of music and images will unveil their lesser-explored possibilities. You will experience a total immersion into Joshua Carro’s vast live processed acoustical spaces, the excitement of Anthony Garcia’s post-pop minimalist grooves, and the masterfully crafted intersection of theatricality, staging and synchronized live video of Michael Beil’s “Karaoke Rebranng!” and “Exit to Enter”.

Group PhotoAll images © Gaby Goldberg


We are so honored and thankful to be joined by four guests artists for this concert as well; Adriane Hill (flute), Tyler Stell (percussion), Jennifer Bewerse (cello), and Marc Evans (piano). We hope to see you there!

Information on the rest of Now Hear Ensemble’s Spring 2015 Season can be found here!